Maldives Reprieve

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I’ll be spending the next two weeks in Osaka, Tokyo and Seoul so looking through these photos of beautiful Maldives will serve as a temporary respite from the freezing cold temperatures. Forgot how absolutely stunning the place is until I went through my albums and found these photos. I guess they speak for themselves.


Le Jules Verne

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Celebrated my 24th birthday in Paris with my wonderful parents and the boy. We had dinner at Le Jules Verne by Alain Ducasse which is located right at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Witnessed the most spectacular sunset over Paris but the food there was rather forgettable. Definitely worth going just for the view though. Paris is so beautiful and having the opportunity to dine at the top of the Eiffel Tower just made the day more magical than it already was.


Farewell Florida

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I know I haven’t been on here in a really long time and I’ve got a ton of backlogged photos to upload but I’ve been busy traveling! In the past two days I’ve left sunny Orlando, stopped over in Washington, had lunch in London and took the Eurostar to Paris. I’ll be celebrating my birthday in Paris this year and my lovely parents have flown here to celebrate it with me. I’m really loving Europe so far and can’t wait to take plenty of pictures of picturesque Paris (alliteration alert!). Follow me on Instagram (@sputnikswthrt) for more up to date pictures! Love and light to all.


Under the Sea

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The S.E.A. Aquarium in Singapore was a little disappointing (I’ve been twice and been disappointed twice) but they have moon jellyfish and dolphins and manta rays, which kinda make up for everything. Moon jellyfish are one of my favourite sea creatures! If you’re planning to visit, give Cat Cora’s Ocean Restaurant a miss. Terrible food, lousy service and the view hardly makes you forget the fact that you’re paying a ridiculous amount of money for a very unappetizing meal.


Parasailing in Paradise ✗ Maldives

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It wasn’t as fun as it looks. We started feeling pretty sick and uncomfortable about 5 minutes after being airborne. But there’s no better place to go parasailing than in paradise itself. Plenty of back-logged photos of Maldives to come once I can tear myself away from watching Grey’s Anatomy long enough.


Life in Orlando















Home cooked meals. Fresh flowers. Clean eating. White Collar with Bunny. Breakfast at IHOP. Minions. Driving past Premium Outlets. Sunshine.